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Good customer service and great people

jose barajas

We have sold Artesian spas for years now, and have been very happy with our experience. They are great tubs, rock solid, and they will last for many years down the road.

Steve Olson

This is my second Artesian

This is my second Artesian Spa and I love it. Built to last, killer jetting, easy to take care of and extremely energy efficient. Most innovative spa brand and still made in the USA.

David Cole

Love it!

We are going on 3 years with our SPA and absolutely love it! My wife has had multiple surgeries on her back and your SPA has been wonderful for her. Nothing beats coming home from a long day at work to go and relax in the hot tub!

Dave Heath

Dove Canyon #2

When our 1st beloved spa reached the end of life it was an easy decision to go once again with Artesian. Our beautiful huge tub is amazing and the therapeutic quality is unmatched. The whole family can relax in comfort. It’s what gets us through the harsh winter in New England!

Beth Ellen Reid

Love our TidalFit

We bought our Tidal Fit Swim Spa by Artesian Spas in 2009. It is easy to maintain and cost efficient. We get in to exercise, relax with the jets on or play with the grandkids. I love having our own place to relax and unwind in our own yard.

Dawn Rumford

Juste parfait

J’ai acheté un spa Artésian il y a longtemps !
J’en etais tellement content que plus tard j’en ai fait mon métier !
Cela fait 15 ans que ça dure !
Mon spa préferer c est l’Isla Margarita.
Mon reve ?
Visiter l’usine à Las Vegas


Platinum Perfection

I have owned an Artesian Piper Glen Since 2009. What a solid product. Every night while in it – I stop and think how great it is. I have looked at newer models and feel that nothing compares to this 10 year old tub. I have replaced the heater and the controller in that time. Not bad for lots of use. Keep it up Artesian!

Jeff Wagner

Great spa

When our previous South Sea Spa was destroyed by falling trees, we did not hesitate in choosing a replacement. Our whole family is enjoying our brand-new South Seas Spa!


New Customer

Love my dealer, Coastal Spas, and their service. My tub is heating up now and I can’t wait to try it out. Have never has such a fancy spa!!

Mary Jane LaBelle

❤️love our Artesian Spa

We just wanted to say a few kind words about our Artesian Island Spa and the installation and service from Olson Spas in Big Bear Lake California. This is our first time owning a hot tub/ spa and we can’t be any happier with it and the process. The quality of the spa is beyond expectations.

Chuck and Shannon Villa


We are very, very pleased with our Kona Artesian Spa. We have wanted a spa since we built our new home in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. My wife built a Pergola for the spa area. The Great Backyard Place sales and service were very helpful in making our choice. Needless to say we are very happy enjoying our spa almost every evening.

Art Menard

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Guess what! I have brain cancer and have developed neuropathy now I’m in the market for a spa to help with my pain
theresa ugarte
00:38 16 Nov 18
We had the great pleasure to work with Laura Murphy, the Marketing Manager at Artesian Spas. Our company, a branding and advertising agency, was requested to create a logo, style guide and brochure for a new product line. Laura was professional, organized, friendly and really knew what she wanted for their new, high-end spas. She was able to perfectly articulate that to us – which some clients find difficult. The great thing is that she was open to suggestion, so the creative dynamic was truly a partnership. Artesian Spas is a great company to work for and Laura was a superb client. Thank you for asking us to work with you! We hope to do it again.
Dale Sprague
18:26 18 Sep 18
I can confidently say that Artesian Spas builds some of the best hot tubs available, hands down. I have about 25 years experience with most of the major hot tub brands out there and Artesian leads in many categories. They have the best water treatment system that I have seen. Extremely therapeutic jets that are protected by patent. The strongest shell in the entire industry (lifetime warranty). Phenomenal customer support. And a spa for almost any budget. If you are shopping for a hot tub, you owe it to yourself to at least check them out.
Sam G
18:49 02 May 18
We absolutely love being an Artesian Spas dealer! The beauty, design, and quality, of their spas, is second to none. They are always striving to improve an already impeccable and innovative spa line. We love working with Brad, (our Rep), Jordan, Bob in the service department, and the rest of the team. You can't beat a great quality spa at a great price. The best part is that they are made right here in the USA!
Home Leisure
19:47 26 Apr 18
We have been a dealer with Artesian Spas for over 7 years. Artesian spas sells a great quality products with great warranties. Artesian Spas also has many models to choose from. Dealing with the staff from sales to service has been a pleasure. Order desk staff is always friendly and helpful. Being able to order spas online makes ordering even easier. Bob and Dante in the service department are always helpful when it comes to technical issues. John in the shipping department always works with us to get hot tubs here in a timely manner. Thank you Artesian Spas!
Trent Morgan
17:04 20 Apr 18
When my girlfriend told me her doctor recommended hydrotherapy for her pain, I promised to buy her a hot tub. I figured it would help and be nice to have. Only problem was that I didn’t know where to get a good one, because quality is important. A friend recommended Artesian, and I owe them a lot of thanks. Not only is the quality high, the service is fantastic. I personally had a server named Veronica, who managed to set me up with a fair deal on a fantastic tub that my girlfriend adores. She did this very quickly, and with a pleasant attitude that made the concept of “call services” not so bad. I’ve been recommending Artesian to my other friends now, and hope they continue to serve well. You have my support!
Gabriel Cruz
03:44 19 Apr 18
I've personally serviced every brand of spas over 3 decades and I can honestly say the quality of the Artesian Spas in the last 5 years continues to impress me. Extremely well designed and I like that the components they use are readily available. I can't tell you how frustrating it is (and how much more expensive it is for the homeowner) when a spa mfr. decides to offer some "proprietary" new gizmo only available from that particular brand.
Stan Goodreau
21:49 18 Apr 18
I love my Artesian spa. My wife and I have owned 5 different spas from various different manufacturers throughout our marriage and we absolute have learned the valued of an energy efficient spa. It’s quiet and easy on the utility bill. Plus lots of options for sizes and features.
Chet Adolf
21:10 18 Apr 18
I've been in the hot tub business for 21 years. Our company runs a parts & service department so I'm very familiar with almost all the brand out there. I have to say that I'm very impressed with the Artesian brand. Their engineering, quality of materials & equipment, attention to detail and overall workmanship is superb. I highly recommend anything made by Artesian Spas, including their Garden Spas line and South Seas line.
steve anonby
20:05 18 Apr 18
We have carried Artesian Spas for 14 yrs. now. They are a well built spa and we have very few service calls on them after the sale. Artesian also offers a wide selection of spas to choose from at a great price!
Frank Fleming
19:20 18 Apr 18
We proudly and exclusively sell Artesian Spas for one reason, they are the BEST and very very reliable! Nothing but positive feedback from 100% of our clients who have purchased an Artesian Spa. Extremely proud to be a dealer and we look forward to a long relationship!
Matt Reno
18:27 18 Apr 18
I have worked with Artesian for 2 years now and I have to say this is the best place I have ever worked. The atmosphere in which we work is stress free, the people whom we work for are amazing and treat you more as family than employer. I would refer this place in a heart beat to do business with as they are good honest people. We strive to be the best and I think its safe to say we are the best. You want quality and quantity, we are the place to get that. Every department within can and will assist even if it is not our area of expertise. Give us a try, you wont be disappointed!
Veronica Cruz
17:48 18 Apr 18
I went into their business before I decided to actually buy from a local dealer, what a beautiful place, the people are so friendly and I wanted to make sure if I needed parts or any help that there customer Service was going to be able to not only answer my questions but have what I needed. I am happy to report after visiting this place I did in fact purchase what I really wanted and know that I got not only quality for my money but backed by a great customer Service as well. highly recommend if your gonna buy big, go visit them so they can answer your questions.
Lisa Tetreault
17:43 18 Apr 18
I've been working with Artesian Spas for almost 10 years now with incredible success. Their service and shipping is impeccable. The quality of their spas is second to none, and for being one of the largest spa manufacturers in the's like doing business with family. Artesian Spas comes highly recommended!
Brad Evans
11:32 18 Apr 18
By far and away the BEST built hot tubs. Like any other appliance, spas require maintenance and service, but with an extraordinary dealer network and generous service and warranty terms, Artesian takes care of their customers far far better than most. Highly recommend!
Alex Lithwick
16:51 17 Apr 18
Have been dealing with Artesian since 2007 - Jordon and his team have always been available to offer great support!
Seth Cartwright
16:44 17 Apr 18
I have had a very positive experience dealing with Artesian Spas. Great quality products and very helpful staff!
Gabe Givan
18:43 13 Apr 18
Helpful and friendly people, I've only had good experiences.
Rob Kaplan
18:30 13 Apr 18
The people here are very helpful and friendly! I love the swimming features in our TidalFit.
laura murphy
15:57 13 Apr 18
I love getting in the was awesome the workout was so good ...if you want a different workout you need to try this
Ernesto Zamudio
15:57 13 Apr 18
I love my spa!!! The lounger is my favorite seat, I can be in it for hours!
15:23 13 Apr 18

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Jennifer Jean
Jennifer Jean
I've been working with Artesian Spas for almost 10 years now with incredible success. Their service and shipping is impeccable. The quality of their spas is second to none, and for being one of the largest spa manufacturers in the's like doing business with family. Artesian Spas comes highly recommended!read more
Brad Thomas Evans
Brad Thomas Evans
Since 2006 I’ve been an Artesian Spa dealer in the Uk. Started selling Catalina and LA Spas. (Catalina were way over priced and had little readily available stock in the uk. The LA distributor went bust) Moved to Artesian then on to cheaper brands including importing ourselves from Hungary (Wellis) and China. (Same component parts as Jacuzzi and Canadian Spa to name a few). All this in the first 5 years. The latter 2 caused us many issues and we reverted back to Artesian Spas UK. High level of stock readily available in the Uk. Parts always available. Staff and customer service is always exemplary. Since 2011 we’ve sold nothing else and have no intention of doing otherwise. Many spa manufactures offer us excellent deals to sell their spas (we’re certainly the biggest in the North East - if not the whole of the Uk) but we already sell the best so why would we? In my garden is an Artesian Spa - always has been always will more
Heather Mason Deacon
Heather Mason Deacon

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