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Experience the ultimate with a level of luxury that is so refined, so beautiful, and so impressive that it is unmistakable. Every aspect of each Platinum Elite spa has been designed to provide the ultimate therapeutic spa experience.

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Behind Platinum Elite Spas’ graceful lines lies the most powerful, energy efficient, and sophisticated system ever devised for moving and controlling the flow of water in a spa. This personalized DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® system moves more water volume through the jets with greater power and adjustability than any other spa in the industry.

With DIRECTFLOW Personal Control®, a pump is provided for each seat, which allows for shorter plumbing and control of each seat without individual diverter valves. Diverter valves used for pressure control can rob 18 percent of the water flow from the pumps to the jets. Without these valves, there is a reduction in friction, and water flows more powerfully—giving you the ultimate in massage.

The Platinum Elite line features a revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy jetting that makes use of the timeless concept of the helix: a curve in three-dimensional space, such as that found in a spiral staircase. This Artesian Spas’ patented jet design provides a truly remarkable hydro-massage. Engineered with the idea of the double helix in mind, the jets use a right-directional spiral on the inside of the cylinder. This causes water to spiral out in a twisting motion, providing jet pulsation and heightened massage pressure.

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DIRECTFLOW Personal Control® Patent US 6,681,414 B1