Arthritis causes swelling in the joints and can lead to pain and stiffness which typically worsens with age, leaving many people feeling uncomfortable during their daily lives. The Arthritis Foundation provides a series of tips to help ease the pain caused by arthritis, one of which is to soak in warm water. According to Dr. Bruce E. Becker, just 20 minutes of soaking in warm water can lead to looser joints which reduces pain and has effects that last even after leaving the water. The foundation goes on to explain other tips to help with the pain. These tips can be found on their website.
One worry with hot tubs is that the water is going to be too hot to provide the same positive effects. Unlike in a resort or spa hot tub, with an Artesian Spa, the control is in your hands. With the easy-to-use topside digital control system, you can take control and keep your spa at the perfect temperature for you.

The topside design features a large easy-to-read back-lit LCD, with easy-to-follow menus to set the temperature, lighting preferences, diagnostics, and more. Relaxing in a spa can have many positive effects on your body, but please consult a doctor if you are interested in using a spa to ease your pain.

This general information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.