Benefits of Hot Water Immersion

Water not only makes up three-quarters of our body composition but is also essential to our overall health. Numerous studies have shown that soaking in warm or hot water can be extremely beneficial to both the body and the mind. Here are several ways you can benefit from soaking in hot water, as supported by a growing body of scientific research:


When we immerse ourselves in hot water, we increase blood circulation in the body. Higher blood flow allows our cells to heal and regenerate at faster speeds.

Muscle Pain Relief

As blood circulation increases, pain-causing chemicals that are built up in the tissues of the body are released. This helps muscle pain to dissipate quicker. Water’s natural buoyancy is also helpful in relieving pressure in the muscles.

Joint Pain Relief

The buoyancy of water acts as a buffer against the effects of gravity on an injured point of the body. Those who suffer from chronic arthritic pain or sports-related injuries can use warm water immersion to restore and preserve joint strength and flexibility. Just one soak can relieve muscle soreness by quickly dispersing lactic acid in areas of stress.

Lower Blood Pressure

As you immerse yourself in hot water, the body’s first reaction is to try and stabilize your temperature by pumping the heart faster to bring additional blood to the surface where it would normally disperse heat into the air. This increased blood flow means an increased supply of oxygen, antibodies and white blood cells pumping through your body; all important to promoting revitalization of the cells. This initial reaction causes an increase in blood pressure, but because the warmth quickly causes the blood vessels to dilate, the resistance on the heart is lessened, resulting in lower blood pressure.

Cardiovascular Health

Hot water encourages the heart to work faster and more efficiently, similar to how it benefits from exercise. Soaking in warm water increases your heart rate and lowers blood pressure and can be beneficial for improving overall heart muscle efficiency.

Improved Mental Health

Hot water immersion is a safe way to unwind, reduce anxiety, and cope more effectively with the challenges of daily life. Immersing yourself in warm water reduces the hormones related to stress, and causes physical changes to your body resulting in relaxation and reduced levels of anxiety. By regularly soaking in warm water, it’s possible to reduce the effects of stress and improve your overall mental health.

The effects of hot water immersion are highly beneficial, and isn’t a complicated process to follow. It’s as simple as turning on your hot tub and jumping right in. Start improving your overall health and well-being today by treating yourself to a nice, warm soak.


This general information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional.