Why You Should Improve Your Mental Clarity

By Matthew R. Harris | Author of Relentless Forward Momentum | Fitness Fanatic


Many people begin doing yoga because of its incredible ability to loosen sore muscles and prevent injuries from a variety of taxing physical activities.

From a physical standpoint, stretching is inevitably going to occur, but the unanticipated consequence of a yoga class is the stretching that occurs mentally.

Many people discount this mind-body connection as some metaphysical phenomenon; or even some esoteric concept that is only applicable in Boulder, Colorado (which is where I’m sitting right now…draw your own conclusions).

But, that’s exactly how I felt about yoga at first too, so I understand.

So yoga does an incredible job of stretching your body out, let’s be clear about that. The true rewards you will experience through yoga, however, are much, much deeper.

A consistent practice will unlock a series of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that will only be amplified exponentially with each and every class.