Tips for Hot Tub Soaks in the Winter

Many say that winter is the best time to enjoy your spa. The warm water and steam rising from the spa can protect you from the crisp, winter air and allow you to enjoy the beauty that the season provides. Here are a few tips for using and maintaining your spa during the wintertime.


Wear a beanie with your swimwear

This is more than just a fashion statement! Your body will be warm inside the spa but the top of your head might be chilly. Put a hat on to ensure that every part of you stays warm while out in the winter conditions.


Have the hot cocoa ready

What is a winter spa without a warm beverage to sip? Bring out a tray of goodies to keep nearby while you relax!


Cover your spa

When you are not using your spa, be sure to cover it to keep the heat in and debris out! Check your cover for leaks and tears to make sure it stays in good condition.


Keep a consistent water temperature

Keeping the water at a consistent, warm temperature is more efficient and helps prevent pipes from freezing. It also makes your spa ready to use at a moment’s notice.


Watch the water level

Evaporation happens even in cold temperatures and maintaining a high water level is necessary for the pumps to work correctly. We recommend you keep the water above the jets (except for “neck jets”) and below the pillows.


Have extra supplies on hand

Road conditions could make it difficult for you to get out and buy chemicals during the winter. Keep some extra supplies on hand so there is no stress during the wintertime.


If you decide to drain your spa during freezing conditions, contact your local authorized dealer for assistance.

A spa provides the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind at home. Whether alone or with friends and family, your spa will be the perfect place to enjoy winter evenings.