The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, enchant the hot tub owners and health and wellness enthusiasts in your life with gifts that turn their relaxation time into a magical experience. Whether it’s maintaining the perfect soak, enhancing safety, adding convenience and entertainment, indulging in luxury, or promoting wellness through technology, these gifts are sure to make their holidays merry and bright!

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Maintaining the Magic: Gifts for Hot Tub Maintenance

Water Testing Kits

Make a splash this holiday season with the perfect stocking stuffer for hot tub owners! Gift the magic wand of water quality. With easy-to-use water testing kits, they’ll transform their hot tub into a crystal-clear winter wonderland. Say goodbye to water worries, and hello to a shimmering soak!


Holiday Gift Guide: Pool Blaster Aqua Broom for Hot Tubs

POOL BLASTER Aqua Broom Cordless Vacuum for Spa, Small Pool & Tight Spaces

Spa Vacuum

Sleigh away debris and keep the hot tub pristine with a spa vacuum. This nifty gadget ensures a clean and inviting environment, so they can relax without a care in the world. It’s the ultimate gift for those who believe in the magic of a sparkling soak.


Holiday Gift Guide: Hot Tub Thermal Blanket for hot tub owners

ThermaFloat Heav-Duty Spa Blanket 8’x8′

Hot Tub Thermal Blankets

Wrap your loved ones in warmth with hot tub thermal blankets. Not only do they conserve heat, but they also prevent up to 90% of evaporation while the hot tub is not in use! This holiday season, give the gift of comfort and keep the magic of relaxation alive all year round.


Safety & Accessibility: Gifts that Sparkle with Safety

Non-Slip Spa Steps

Help them step into the magic safely with non-slip spa steps. These sturdy companions make entering and exiting the hot tub a breeze, ensuring every soak is filled with joy and worry-free enchantment.

Holiday Gift Guide: Non-Slip Spa Slippers for hot tub owners

Cloud Slippers for Women and Men, Non Slip

Slip-Resistant Spa Slippers

Slide into the holiday spirit with slip-resistant spa slippers. Designed for both safety and comfort, these slippers keep toes toasty and ensure a slip-free journey to and from the hot tub. Give the gift of confident strides and cozy delights.


Holiday Gift Guide: Hot Tub Cover Lock

Spa Cover Locks

Lock in the magic! A spa cover lock adds an extra layer of security to their hot tub haven. This thoughtful gift ensures that their retreat stays private and protected, allowing them to immerse themselves in the enchantment worry-free.


Convenience & Entertainment: Presents That Spark Joy


Holiday Gift Guide: Insulated Drink Holder for hot tub owners

Insulated Slim Can Cooler for 12 OZ Cans and Bottles

Insulated Drink Holders

Keep the holiday spirit afloat with insulated drink holders while they’re in the spa therapy seats. Whether they’re sipping cocoa or a festive beverage, these holders ensure that every moment in the hot tub is merry and bright. Cheers to convenience and joy!


Holiday Gift Guide: Waterproof Playing Cards for hot tub owners

Gold Waterproof Playing Cards, Use for Party and Game

Waterproof Playing Cards or Board Games

Turn up the fun with waterproof playing cards or board games. Even in the hot tub, the game night magic can unfold. Gift laughter, friendly competition, and the joy of creating lasting memories in the warm embrace of the water.


Tablet or Book Holder

For those who love to combine relaxation with entertainment, a tablet or book holder is the perfect gift. Whether they’re diving into a good read or streaming their favorite show, this accessory adds a touch of luxury to their hot tub experience.



Relaxation and Luxury: Gifts That Glow with Good Vibes


Holiday Gift Guide: Floating LED Lights for hot tub owners

Floating Pool Lights, 3 Inch LED Orb Pool Lights that Float

Waterproof, Floating LED Lights

Illuminate their nights with the magic of floating LED lights. These waterproof wonders transform the hot tub into a captivating spectacle of colors. Give the gift of ambiance and turn their soak into a luminous escape. (Author’s note: this one might be my favorite!)


Holiday Gift Guide: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for hot tub enthusiasts

Portable Bluetooth Speakers with LED Light

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Dive into a symphony of serenity with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This gift lets them create their magical soundtrack, turning every hot tub session into a private concert of relaxation. Unwrap the joy of music and tranquility.


Holiday Gift Guide: Spa Gift Basket for hot tub owners

Spa Lavender Bath Set with Bath Salt, Bubble Bath, Lotion

Customized Spa Gift Basket

Craft a spa experience with a customized stress relief gift basket. From scented candles to bath salts, create a personalized retreat that speaks to their unique taste. It’s the gift of luxury and indulgence, wrapped up with a bow of thoughtfulness.



Wellness and Technology: Gifts for a Healthy Glow

Holiday Gift Guide: Meditation App on Phone for wellness enthusiasts

The Headspace app, photographed by Ryan S. Brandenberg

Subscription to a Fitness or Meditation App

Elevate their well-being with a subscription to a fitness or meditation app. This gift is a portal to a world of physical wellness and tranquility, providing a holistic approach to wellness health in the comfort of their hot tub haven.


Water-Friendly Fitness Equipment (Resistance Bands, Dumbbells)

Bring the gym to the hot tub with water-friendly fitness equipment. Resistance bands and dumbbells designed for aquatic workouts add a splash of fitness fun to their routine. Gift them the joy of staying active in the most delightful way.


Holiday Gift Guide: Digital PH Meter for Water for hot tub owners

Digital pH Meter for Water, 0.01 High Accurarcy

Digital Water Tester

Unwrap the gift of precision with a digital water tester. This tech-savvy gadget ensures their hot tub water is always in perfect harmony, allowing them to dive into the magic of relaxation without a worry in the world.


Smart Home Devices for Remote Control

Gift the power of control with smart home devices. Let them adjust temperature and settings with a simple command, turning their hot tub into a smart oasis. It’s the gift of convenience and modern enchantment.


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