Blue Lagoon Pool & Spa

Located lakeside in Washington, this Antigua 52 from our Island Spas line offers breathtaking views of nature and the surrounding scenery. The new owners can now unwind and soak in the warm water while enjoying the lake’s serene beauty.

The white pearl acrylic shell adds a sheen that complements the water oasis surrounding it. Paired with seat pillows, the color contrast creates a luxurious balance between the dark and the light. It mirrors the trees and shrubbery scattered along the snowy edge.

With built-in steps, entrance and exit are made safe and easy — even if they’re distracted by the stunning view.

Another important feature in this specific installation (not pictured here) is the additional, but necessary, hot tub cover. Our hot tub covers not only provide protection from debris and the elements, but it also helps to retain heat. This ensures that your hot tub stays warm and inviting — even in colder weather.

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Blue Lagoon Pool & Spa

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