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New Artesian Spas Warehouse


New Artesian Spas Warehouse
Artesian Spas is excited to announce that we have expanded our Distribution and Shipping Center to a new warehouse located conveniently a few miles down the road.  This state-of-the-art facility features approximately 34,000 sqf that is being fully customized to maximize the efficiency of our Distribution Department.  Additionally, it boasts 3x the loading docks and ramps.  This increase of loading space from our current manufacturing warehouse dramatically increases our efficiency.  Moving into a completely blank canvas, we are able to more resourcefully arrange our distributions and shipping and reallocate valuable warehouse space in our current manufacturing facility.  This enhancement increases our organization's efficiency across all departments.
This stunning new space allows us to continue to uphold the same level of quality craftsmanship you have come to know and love.  This new warehouse is already making a dramatic impact on the quality of our organization by improving our processes and enhancing our spa production while also improving the quality of the working environment for our staff.
We believe a clean workspace is a happy workspace.  As you know Artesian is already known for our extremely clean manufacturing facility.  Anyone who has taken a tour, our dealers, as well as our consultants can attest to that.  More space provides Artesian the ability to increase organization, leading to increased efficiency in maintaining our topmost cleanliness standards.  Artesian recognizes the ability to expand into this new space is all thanks to you!  This would not be possible if it wasn’t for our strong network of dealers and customers who continue to support our Artesian Spas Brand.