tidalfit coreswimmer

Core Swimmer

Size: 169 x 91 x 54 in. | 429 x 231 x 137 cm
Seating: 0 seats
Jets: 4 jets
Capacity: 1,695 gal | 6,416 L
Dry Weight: 2,250 lbs | 1,021 kg
Pumps*: (2) 6.0 BHP (3.0 HP continuous) 1-Spd
Optional feature  |  Now available

True Variable Speed System

Experience the customizable power of our True Variable Speed System. Adjust swim resistance to your comfort level and create personalized workouts for all skill levels. Dive in and make a splash!

Our Core Swimmer optimizes the optional Quad Swim System to create the ultimate exercise pool for you and your family. With the jets off, it alternatively acts as a pool-adjacent product — best of both worlds!

Aquatic Aerobics

Standard Features

• Warranty:

Lifetime Structureª

7-Year Surface

5-Year Parts, Labor, Plumbing and Electrical

2-Year Cabinet

For more information about this line's warranty, click here.

• All Seasons Shield Covers

• spaTouch Topside:

Color Touchscreen Panel, WiFi Ready (Module Required),

Multi-language Interface

• Heater: 5.5 kW for North America (60 Hz), 3.0 kW for Export (50 Hz)

• Maintenance Free Grandwood Cabinet

• Grab Rails: (3) Core Swimmer, (2) EP-14/EP-15, (1) EP-12

• Full Foam with ABS Bottom

• Blue LED - 5 in. Spa Light

• Hi-Flo Circulation System

Optional Features

• Quad Swim Jet System (ActivePlus EP-12, EP-14, Core Swimmer, EP-15)

(4) 6.0 in. Swim Jets

(2) 3.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pump (with Speed Control)

Core Swimmer: BellagioFall Water Feature standard with Quad Swim

Note: International EP-14 models equipped with the Dual Bench feature cannot be equipped with Quad Swim Jet System.

• Dual Swim Jet System (ActivePlus EP-12)

(2) 6.0 in. Swim Jets

(1) 3.0 HP 1-Spd Swim Pump

• Hydrotherapy System:

1) Pro EP-15:

34 Helix Jets, 3.0 HP 1-Spd Pump, BellagioFall Water Feature

2) Premium EP-14:

28 Helix Jets, 3.0 HP 1-Spd Pump, BellagioFall Water Feature

Optional Twin Bench (Hydrotherapy Required) - 32 Helix Jets & 2 X 3.0

(1.5 HP continuous) 1-Spd Pumps

3) Core Swimmer:


4) ActivePlus EP-12:

28 Helix Jets, 3.0 HP 1-Spd Pump, BellagioFall Water Feature

Optional Twin Bench (Hydrotherapy Required) - 12 Helix Jets & 3.0 BHP (1.5 HP continuous) 1-Spd Pump

5) Active EP-12:

14 Helix Jets, 2 Whirlpool Jets, 6.0 BHP (3.0 HP continuous) 1-Spd Pump

• Stereo System :

1) Bluetooth® Music Experience:

Bluetooth Receiver, AM/FM, USB, Auxiliary-Input, (4) 3 in. Speakers, Subwoofer

2) bba™2 Audio:

Fully Integrated Bluetooth Audio Streaming, (4) 3 in. Speakers,

Optional (2) 3 in. Patio Speakers

• LED Lighting:

1) DynaBrite Max LED (EP-14/Core Swimmer/EP-15)

(12) 2 in. Lights, (1) 5 in. Light, Illuminates Water Feature & 6 in. Swim Jets

2) DynaBrite LED (EP-12)

(8) 2 in. Lights, (1) 5 in. Light, Illuminates BellagioFall (Hydrotherapy Required) & 6 in. Swim Jets

3) Multicolor 10 LED

• Water Purification:

1) Diamond AOP™

2) Crystal ProPure™ Ozone Mixing Chamber

3) Ozonator

• Pump/Heater Valves

• Aquatic Training System:

1) Stationary Resistant Swim

2) Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords

• Worldwide WiFi App Module:

Download App for Smart Device to Control Exercise Pool Wirelessly

• Cover Lifter

1) Manual

2) Hydraulic

• 5-Step in Black (for above-ground models only)


BHP: Brake Horsepower | HP: Horsepower | ++Where Allowed By Law | +++N/A on Rock Panels | ªRefer to Owner’s Manual for Full Description | Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Grandwood Cabinetry Colors

Unique, durable & maintenance-free

From the realistic wood-like texture to the matte finish, it's no wonder these cabinets are called Grandwood. They feature a tight grain pattern along with subtly varying shades of color.

This subtle variance creates a more realistic look and feel of natural wood.

grandwood cabinetry in grey
grandwood cabinetry in charcoal black
Charcoal Black
grandwood cabinetry in java

Acrylic Shell Options

Make your hot tub uniquely yours

Artesian Spas proudly offers cast acrylic shells with an extra level of protection against mold and mildew by using technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria causing odors or stains between cleaning.

acrylic shell swatch in silver marble
Silver Marble*


Become the owner of a luxury hot tub.

Whether you're motivated by hydrotherapy, relaxation or backyard renovation, Artesian Spas will benefit any lifestyle you lead. Our goal is to improve health & wellness around the world -- one hot tub at a time.