The revolutionary swim system.

The True Variable Speed System offers swimmers a range of swim options by allowing them to adjust the swim resistance at every comfort level. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned swimmer, this system allows you to customize your own workout routines, ranging from low to high intensity. Dive in and experience the customizable power of the our swim system.


Improve health and wellness at home

TidalFit’s newest swim system offers a convenient and private way to exercise and stay active without the need for a gym membership or traveling to a public pool. With this latest technology, TidalFit owners can customize their workout routines and target specific muscle groups to achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, the swim spa is an excellent alternative to a pool, providing a fun and safe environment for families to enjoy water activities at home.

Key Features

WaVS: Variable Speed Pump available on TidalFit models

3.4 MPH | 500 GPM | 10.4 amps

Quietest pump in the industry

Compact size – 4in shorter than a conventional pump!

Energy efficient because of its revolutionary electric motor

16 speed settings

10% more efficient compared to competition