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Welcome to November’s spotlight of exceptional hot tub installations! This month, we proudly feature Creative Hot Tub Designs, showcasing their expertise in transforming spaces into havens of relaxation.

Nestled in Reno, Nevada, one of their latest masterpieces features the Island Spas Antigua 52-jet, a spa harmoniously integrated into a stunning travertine deck. The Smoky Mountains acrylic, adorned with beige and grey undertones, elegantly mirrors the surrounding tones of the travertine. Andy Parmele, co-owner of Creative Hot Tub Designs, enthusiastically states, “everyone here at Creative is very proud of this beautiful installation. [This Island spa] in a travertine deck showcases our designs and craftsmanship of what we offer to our customers.”

Creative Hot Tub Designs: Island Spas Antigua 52jet

Positioned in the corner of the yard, this design is not just aesthetically pleasing but strategically perfect. It has transformed the backyard into a paradise escape, specially tailored for soon-to-be retirees. Their contentment is affirmed by a glowing 5-star review, with the customers expressing that this hot tub has turned their retirement dreams into reality.

This installation is a testament to the expertise of Creative Hot Tub Designs, where artistry, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge seamlessly.


Hot Tubs Run in the Genes

Creative Hot Tub Designs, a distinguished establishment in the hot tub industry, stands out for more than just its exceptional products and service. Their values are firmly rooted in principles of transparency, efficiency, and earning customer admiration.

Creative Hot Tub Designs: Owners, Christina and Andy Parmele

The owners, Christina and Andy Parmele, make it a priority to provide an unmatched customer experience. Christina, a native of Las Vegas, and Andy, originally from Northern California, have called Northern Nevada home since 2013. With a family history deeply entrenched in the hot tub industry and drawing inspiration from their grandfather, Jim Shue, a trailblazer in the field, they bring inventive designs, a robust work ethic, and a dedication to exceptional customer service to the Reno/Sparks area.


Intent & Impact

For Christina Parmele, co-owner of Creative Hot Tub Designs, the hot tub industry is a source of rich rewards way beyond business transactions. She passionately shares that “being in the hot tub industry reaps many rewards in so many ways. My very favorite thing is getting feedback from my customers that purchasing their hot tub from us has improved their lives.” Whether it’s better sleep, relief from body pains, improved blood circulation, or enhanced family bonding, the intent is clear—to sell a product that positively impacts lives. Christina states, ”I love selling a product that improves someone’s quality of life.. It’s an awesome feeling!”

“Everyone we worked with at Creative Hot Tub Designs was professional, caring, and interested in our satisfaction.”

– Yogi S, a customer of Creative Hot Tub Designs

Creative Hot Tub Designs: Island Spas Antigua 52jet

Alan Kelly, Senior Service Technician at Artesian Spas, echoes this sentiment & praises the exceptional team at Creative Hot Tub Designs. According to him, “they have an amazing team. They are always pleasant to speak with and go above and beyond for their customers.” From the owners to the service technicians, the commitment to going above and beyond is evident. Their intention to enhance lives resonates throughout the team. This makes Creative Hot Tub Designs not merely a business but a conduit for lasting positive impact.

“Christina and Andy are great and have built a strong company. And Natasha, their service manager, is so knowledgeable and is always willing to do what is right.”

– Alan Kelly


Authentic Relationships & Genuine Care

At Creative Hot Tub Designs, being genuine is more than a business practice; it’s the heart of who they are. Raul, Logistics Supervisor at Artesian, shares, “It’s an absolute pleasure working with everyone at Creative Hot Tubs.” He highlights their exceptional leadership, emphasizing:

“To be a great company, you must have great leaders, and you can really see that with the owners, Christina & Andy.”

The authenticity goes beyond business hours. Raul appreciates the owners’ thoughtful gestures, saying, “Every Christmas, I receive a thank you card from the owners, along with some positive comments from the staff. I always save them because not many people go out of their way to say thank you, and that just shows how they genuinely care.” This genuine care fosters trust and lasting relationships. As Raul aptly puts it, “I hope they continue having success. They deserve it!” It’s a simple truth – Creative Hot Tub Designs stands out not just for their products but for the sincerity that defines their every interaction.



At Creative Hot Tub Designs, their commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in their products is unmistakable. As stated by Tommy, their dedicated Sales Specialist, our lifetime structure warranty underscores the assurance and pride in delivering a top-tier product. This warranty not only highlights the reliability of Artesian hot tubs but also signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to customer support.

Creative Hot Tub Designs: New Location in South Reno

Looking forward, the excitement builds with the recent opening of their second showroom on the south side of Reno – a significant milestone in expanding their footprint. Macy, the Marketing Specialist, shares her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to expand and showcase what Artesian has to offer!” This expansion solidifies Creative Hot Tub Designs’ dedication to providing exceptional products and experiences to their growing community. As they progress, the future holds even more opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment for their valued customers.

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